These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman & Megan Spooner Review

This is my second time reading this book, and when I first read this I found it enjoyable but for me, there was something me that was missing, and I found that the events that take place in this book were weird and a little confusing, but I found that I had a very different experience than before

One of the things that I enjoyed more during my second read of the story is the two main characters and the relationship that developed between them during the course of the story. For some reason, during my previous read I found bickering that takes place between Tarver and Lilac annoying, but this time I found it more endearing.

I genuinely enjoyed Lilac’s character development throughout the course of the story, were legitimately get to see that there truly is more to her than initially get to see. I found her to be a very strong and badass character, I find that it’s great when there when a female lead character doesn’t fit the stereotypical girl who has to fight to be strong. Characters like Lilac is something we need more in Young Adult Literature, she’s smart and strong in a more subtle way, which I why I think I found her so likable.

Tarver may be my newest book boyfriend, I found him trying at times, but like with Lilac he always does his best to solve whatever challenge is placed in front of him, and he can admit when he is wrong, he may be the character that I’m dying to see more of later on in the series.

In the time since I first read this book, I’ve grown more as a reader and I think that might be why I can appreciate the story and it’s captivating writing even more now. I feel as if I understood the story and the events that took place throughout the story more than I previously did.

This left me very excited to finally continue and read the next book in the series, I was left with so many questions, and I can’t wait to see how Lilac and Tarver and everything else we learned, play a part later on in the series.

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