The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson Review

I’m not even sure where to start with this book, so lets start with the beginning, I though the first half of the book was the most interesting but it seemed to go on forever and I thought this book would never end. The second half of the book I thought was boring but seemed to go faster.

On the point on which was the assassin and which one was the prince, on that I was completely wrong. However I was a fan of Rafe and at first I was upset about not knowing but I understand now that it what carried this book and kept it interesting. I still think this book was hard to keep interesting.

I was starting to get tired and it had nothing to do with what time it was, I had a very hard time keeping interested in it.

I think that this book had an interesting concept and had the makings to make a great book but it could have been more interesting, I thought Lia was only a mildly interesting character but I admire her courage and I understand why she ran, but I think that as a princess her duty is to her kingdom and not herself. I think if she had given her marriage a chance, non of this would have happened. I do feel very sorry for the loss her brother, and lastly I think Lia did the right thing when she lied to Pauline because it was so much better than the truth, at least she doesn’t blame herself this way but in the next book I think that the lie might not stay in place.

I think this books ending peaked just enough interest for me to come back to the series at another time and finish the series to see what happens.

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