The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan Review

This was a wonderful continuation of the series, I found this an improvement from the first book, this book had amazing character development. Were get to be introduced to new characters and this book made me extremely excited to continue the series.

There is wonderful character development, especially in Apollo who I found less annoying in this book. He was more grounded than he was before and he was less stuck on himself.

There were some characters I feel could have used more development but it doesn’t bother me because they weren’t present for most of the book and I feel that their development will happen more in later books since I could already see the set up for that.

Something that I noticed in book one and saw it continue on in this book is that we’re getting to see some of our favorite characters from the previous series.

I think from what happened in the end that this will be something that continues throughout the entirety of the series, along with being introduced to new characters that might play a part later on in the series.
This book was great and it left me with tons of questions, I can’t wait until the next book comes out in a few months and I’m able to continue and see what happens.

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