The Crowns Of Croswald By D E Night Review

If you loved the Harry Potter series like the rest of the world, then this one’s for you. Whether it be a 13-year-old or a fully grown man who loves to live in a world of his own, this book is a perfect read.

Ivy Lovely lives across the slurry fields where no magic can be detected, as a scaldrony maid, who cooks scones and other baked goodies with dragon’s sultry breath. She’s shocked beyond belief one day to discover that she’s been summoned in the Halls of Ivy, the grand school of magic which only royals and future scientists are allowed to attend, to study.

‘You can tell me your stories. Not sure I’d have much in the way of advice, but still.’
‘The thing is, you’re part of the story. I’d tell him about you.’

Her adventures commence the moment she steps beyond the purple slurry fields, taking her to world she never thought she would be a part of.

The book explores the depth of magic, a teeny weeny romance and lots of action-packed adventure that won’t let you get bored during your time with Ivy and her friends. A number of strange things happen to Ivy that eventually lead her to unveil her identity.

I was fascinated by the locksmith, Ivory Lucky and really wanted to meet her in person, only if that was possible.

‘The wind whipped around her and she shuddered thinking about how high she was in the air, though it couldn’t have been more than fifty feet. Any distance over her own height made Ivy nervous.’

What I didn’t like about the book ? Well, it was the resemblance with Harry Potter, even though it could be unintentional. I couldn’t help comparing between the two books.The author succeeded in creating a magical atmosphere around her readers, unlike other harry-potter-inspired fantasy books. It was a delightful read.

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