The Accidental Bad Girl by Maxine Kaplan Review

As far as chick flick movies are concerned, I’ve watched Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, Legally Blonde, The Clique, Kissing Booth, To all the boys I’ve loved before and the Duff being my favourite.

Do you get the idea? I love both that kind of movies and books and here is why I think ‘The Accidental Bad Girl‘ by Maxine Kaplan was different from all those.

For starters, the main character of this book; Kendall, is unable to identify herself neither as a mean girl nor a nice girl. She’s somewhere in between and she owns it. Shit hits the fan when she is ‘forced‘ to accept the identity of a mean, bad girl. There are drugs and sexual abuse and relationships and fake friends.

The drama, unlike other YA/NA/high school books, was not over who got to become the prom queen or who got to win the heart of the hottest cheerleader. The book had substance, and to think it was Kaplan’s debut, amazing!

If a movie were to be made on this one, people will love it, if not more than equally as much as other chick flicks.

The author had me gasping with disbelief in the last few pages where she revealed who the actual culprit was that stole Kendall’s id and framed her into the mess in the first place.

At last, i would like to convey my gratitude to not only the author but especially to Harry n Abram publishers. I rate it 4.5 .

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