Shehr e Zaat novel by Umera Ahmed Pdf

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Shehr e Zaat novel by Umera Ahmed Pdf Download

Shehr e Zaat novel is authored by Umera Ahmed. She is a talented and famous writer from Pakistan. She is renowned for her Romantic and fictional novels. Umera Ahmed started her writing career for Khwateen digest. She is also famous for her novels being adapted for Tv shows.

Shehr e Zaat is a spiritual novel. it is about the Ishq E Haqiqi. It is about pure love for Allah. It tells us that worldly things don’t matter if you have a strong connection with Allah. Shehr e Zaat novel was first published in Khwateen digest. If you want to read Shehr e Zaat Pdf, the download link is given below.

Download Shehr e Zaat Pdf

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