Ren Awakened By Brittany Quagan Review

When wise men said; “don’t judge a book by its cover”, they said it for a reason. I judged a book, it proved me wrong. Wrong, not in a bad sense of the word. But in an utterly amazing one !

Ren Awakened is the first book of the REN series, which roams around the story of a violet-eyed girl dealing with stress and anxiety all on her own. She discovers that she’s just not a normal teenager, but an Implement sent from a different plane to save the world and has remarkable superpowers. She embarks on an adventure with same-of-her-kind friends Kiky, Gage and Al to eliminate the darkness and evils surrounding the world.

The witty dialogues of this book kept me on edge. Brittany’s personality shines through her book. I laughed-out-loud snorted and smiled with Ren. The author managed to clog my throat with unshed tears, as I read about the depth of love soulmates feel towards each other. I really want to share that scene here, but I can’t because that’ll be a spoiler.

Ren’s sarcasm shone throughout the book, making it a refreshing and un-put-down-able book. I couldn’t stay away from it for an extended time period.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop crying. Moments ago, I hadn’t the slightest inkling. The next minute, I was overwhelmed by memories of loving someone to the deepest depth of my existence. The pain was excruciating.’

This is the kind of book that deserves more appreciation and love from readers all around the globe. I would like to advise the author on hiring a professional cover artist and re-launching her book. A good cover works wonders and it’s the first thing that catches the attention.

One thing I didn’t like about the book was it’s abrupt ending like everything was going smooth, an emotional rollercoaster, but on the last two pages, I felt like the author was rushing everything. Or grew tired to write more. Otherwise, the book is a gem and I personally want to recommend it to you. Add it to your ‘To Be Read’ list, I can bet that you won’t regret buying it.

A big thank you to the author of Ren; Awakened for sending me a copy of her brilliant novel. Brittany Quagan is the name she goes by, check her profile on Instagram to know more about her and her life.

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