Raja Gidh Novel By Bano Qudsia PDF

Raja Gidh Novel By Bano Qudsia PDF

Raja Gidh Novel Pdf

Bano Qudsia writes Raja Gidh. Bano Qudsia is a very famous novelist from Pakistan. She is the spouse of famous Pakistani writer Ashfaq Ahmed. She is renowned for her spiritual, social writing. She has written dozens of novels and essay’s, but Raja Gidh Novel is a masterpiece. The novel point toward the religious concept of Halal and Haram. The novel reveals the negative aspect of our society and how it should be changed. It highlights every minor detail of our society.

Bano Qudsia has done very well to highlight the harmful impact of Rizq e Haram. She explained how a person can lead to Rizq e Haram and what kind of dissatisfaction he can face in life. Bano Qudsia compared Raja Gidh with humans. And in some cases even worse. She further explains that Gidh eats died animals, And we(Humans) are also like him. We take advantage of week and morally discouraged people. We try to chase things that are not meant for us. In this race, we take the forbidden path, which leads us to Gunnah and Rizq e Haram.

She points our attention to one of the most highlighted concepts “Ishq E Lahasil”. Which means love with no destination. Love for a desire that is forbidden can lead us to Rizq e Haram and Gunnah. After that, the only left is dissatisfaction and Unhappiness. To enforce the point she interduces two characters “Quyyam” and “Semi Shah”. Quyyam belongs to a middle-class family; He falls in love with semi.

And on the other hand, Semi Shah is a beautiful and rich girl who had a true love for her class fellow. Due to some circumstances, she is not able to marry her class fellow. Which made her sick and emotionally very weak. Quyyam takes full physics advantage of Semi shah in the time of depression and loneliness. But he always failed to convince her to love him. This was the Ishq e Lahasil of Quyyam.

I would recommend this novel to everyone who wants to study society. The novels made a clear difference between Rizq e Haram and Halal. She explained the Pros of Rizq E Halan and Cons of Rizq e Haram. Overall it is a very good book to read. I guarantee you that you will enjoy reading the book. The download link for Raja Gidh Novel Pdf is given below. Do download it and share Raja gidh novel with your friends.

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