Qasim Ali Shah Books PDF

Qasim ali shah books pdf

Qasim Ali Shah Books Pdf

Thousands of people born and die every day. But very few make an impact. Qasim Ali Shah is one of the few. He is a motivational speaker, writer, and thinker. He is known from his videos lecture on YouTube. In his videos, he covers almost every aspect of life. We are going to share Qasim Ali Shah Books.

But before moving the books list let’s discuss his life first;

Born is 1980 in a little district of Punjab, Pakistan. He had a love for reading at a very young age. At an early age, his family moved to Lahore. He studied intermediate in Govt. College Lahore. And graduated from UET, Lahore.

He worked for Govt. And turned to become a motivational speaker. And made his mark. He was also associated with a radio program Manzil Ka Musafir.

Qasim Ali Shah has written many books. Life, Motivation, and self-improvement are his main topics. He is a kind of writer who aspires generations. He is followed from all over the world. His readers are mostly from Pakistan and India.

You can buy Qasim Ali Shah Books online from his website. But we are also going to share Qasim Ali Shah Books Pdf So you can download them free of cost.

let move on the Qasim Ali Shah Books list.

Qasim ali shah books pdf

Zara Nam Ho

Zara Nam Ho is one of the earliest books by Qasim Ali Shah. It is consist of 300+ life changing quotes. The quotes are very well written. The quotes are based on, Life, religion, Self-improvement, and many other life-changing topics. One should read this book who wants to get daily motivation and likes to read quotes.

Qasim ali shah books pdf

Kamyabi Ka Pigham

Kamyabi Ka Pigham is a book about achieving.  it reveals the secret of success. All substances that are required for success are mentioned in this book. It is one the top-selling book by Qasim Ali Shah. The download link for Kamyabi Ka Pigham book is given Above.

Bari Manzil Ka Musafir

Bari Manzil Kay Musafir is a self-improvement and development book. It teaches us how to overcome the obstacles in our ways and how to achieve our destiny. It is a masterpiece by Qasim Ali Shah. Qasim Ali Shah has been following Wasif Ali Wasif. So you can expect the colors of Wasif Ali Wasif in the book. Qasim Ali Shah mentions Wasif Ali Wasif many times in his books.

Unchi Uraan

Unchi Uraan is another self-improvement book by Qasim Ali Shah. He is renowned for his Motivational speech and lectures. The book teaches us how to conquer the world rather than surviving in the world. His books always teach us how to lead. It teaches us the ways of success. It is truly a treasure by Qasim Ali Shah.

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