Qaisar o Kisra by Naseem Hijazi Pdf

Qaisar o Kisra

Qaisar o Kisra by Naseem Hijazi Pdf Download

Naseem Hijazi has written Qaisar o Kisra book. Naseem Hijazi is a great skillful and talented writer from Pakistan. Naseem Hijazi is known for his historical Islamic Fiction. He has a worldwide readership, especially in Urdu Speaking countries. His most famous novel is Muhammad Bin Qasim.

Qaisar o Kisra book is set in the backdrop of Byzantine Sasanian War from 602–628. The Growth of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula. It is a great book by Naseem Hijazi. If you want to read Qaiser o Kisra Pdf. the download link for the novel is given below.

Download Qaisar o Kisra Pdf

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