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Umera Ahmad writes peer E Kamil novel. She is a famous author from Pakistan. She has written dozens of books, but Peer e Kamil novels is a treasure. It is one of the most renowned novels by Umera Ahmed. Peer e Kamil is an Urdu word that means the perfect mentor meaning Prophet Muhammad PBUH. It is a spiritual journey of a woman and gaining eternal satisfaction and success. The book is the story of going through Ishq e Mjazi to Ishq Haqiqi. It is a compelling story moving from bad extreme to right extreme. It got all the spices that one can expect from Umera Ahmed.

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The main character of this novel is “Salaar Sikandar”. He is a young man who belongs to a very elite and liberal family. He Is a very genius boy with 150+ IQ. He is very ungrateful of his life and his abilities, so he always wanted to commit suicide to get the taste of most unbearable thing in the world. He tries to commit suicide multiple times but failed. Salaar got applicant of scourges in his life. He is one of the most prominent characters of this novel. With the evils in his life one night, his life took a turn.

The Other Main character of this story is “Immama”. She is a young girl who wanted to study medicine and become a doctor. She belongs to a non-Islamic religion called “Qadianis”. Her life took a turn when she started studying Islam with the help of her two friends. After finding Islam as the true religion, she opposes her family religion. Thus she begins her journey towards internal peace and satisfaction. She faces a lot of hardship while pursuing the true faith and finding continued success.

The novel really starts when they both meet. In love with each other. Now now I don’t want to spoil all the story to you. I would suggest this amazing Urdu novel Peer E Kamil to everyone who is interested in spirituality and religious writing. The novel worth reading if you are struggling with life and not able to find peace and success. You will learn how the revolutions come into life and how its change perspective of our thinking. I am sure you will love reading this novel.

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