Top Most Romantic Nimra Ahmed Novels

Nimra Ahmed novels

Nimra Ahmed is one of the greatest Urdu novelists from Pakistan. She has earned a lot of readership from around the world especially from Pakistan and India. If you are struggling to find the most famous and romantic novels by Nimra Ahmed, Don’t worry. We are here for you. We have combined the list of Nimra Ahmed Novels so you can read online or download them.

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Top Romantic Nimra Ahmed Novels

Before moving to the novels, here is some info you need to know. Some question may come up in your mind, like what is the format of the novel copies, or where is the download link located? all the questions are answered down below.

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Jannat k Pattay 

Jannat k Pattay is the story of a girl whose life took a turn when she received a scholarship from a University of Turkey. The tale follows the events happened in her life and how she get rind of them.

Namal Novel

Namal is Spiritual kind of novel by Nimra Ahmed. It is a tale of death and revenge twirling around Surah Namal. The novel is full of surprises, overall it is a masterpiece by Nimra Ahmed.

Mushaf Novel

Mushaf is another Interesting novel. It is written about the harsh realities of life and how we can deal with them, It is truly an Epic novel by this author. Download this novel and Nimra Ahmed will not disappoint you

Sans Sakin Thi novel

Sans Sakin Thi

Sans Sakin Thi is one of the earliest novels by the author. The novel was written in the very start of Nimra’s writing career. The novel reveals many things a PCB. How thing goes in the selection of players.

Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal

Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal is a fictional travelogue and a romatic novel. It follows the love story of two climbers. It is an epic Romantic Nimra Ahmed novel. The novel is loved by Millions.

Let talk about Nimra Ahmed herself. Nimra Ahmed is a renowned Urdu writer from Pakistan. She started her writing career, from Khwateen digest. Nimra Ahmed has very unique writing skills. Mostly when a reader read her novels. he feels part of the story. Nimra Ahmed novels are based on various topics and variety of characters but her most novels are based on Romance, Spirituality, social issues, and Religion.

Nimra Ahmed has influenced millions of readers. especially the women who are struggling in life. She taught them to think big, believe in themselves and achieve Big. Readers are fascinated by her novels.

Most people think that Nimra Ahmed and Umera Ahmed are sisters. No that is not true. Yes, you can find a relation between there writing style but not in real life. Nimra Ahmed has written many good novels but Jannat k Pattay is most famous of them.

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