My Whole Truth By Mischa Thrace Review


This story pulls you in from the very beginning. The suspense and curiosity that the author creates lulls you in a daze to keep flicking pages to find out more about Seelie and her ugly truth.

Cecelia Stanton is an ordinary 17-year-old, until the day she ruthlessly kills her peer Shane Mayfield with blows on the head with a hammer. She’s put on trial, with her friends supporting her through thick and thin. Only her whole truth can save her from a life spent in prison, and she’s terribly afraid of getting her whole truth out for everyone to see.

I didn’t like Cecelia Stanton at all, the lead character; she was a lie bitchy and the way she behaved with her mom was simply disgusting. Although i accept that her mom was no less of a freaky fish herself. Lyssa was my favorite, she had the guts, the brains, and the beauty. Nothing short of a warrior princess, and oh-so-feisty.

“I hope you killed that piece of shit.”

What I say next physically hurts, as if each syllable is being ripped against its will from the prison of my throat. They creep forth in areluctant whisper, trembling, wanting to stay hidden and silent forever.

“I think I did.”

The story was easy to follow and kept me guessing till the very last page. The book deals with the after effects of a brutal attack on Seelie, that leaves her mind boggled and in a very dark place with no one to cry her problem too.

Overall, Mischa Thrace succeeds in writing good characters, which necessarily doesn’t mean that they are protagonist. It means that she was able to make the reader feel hate amd a certain leven of fondness with the characters.

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