Man o Salwa novel By Umera Ahmed Pdf

Man o Salwa novel by Umera Ahmed Pdf

Man o Salwa novel by Umera Ahmed Pdf Download

It was a really lengthy and complicated story. In my view it was more complicated it could be. It was a great novel in several aspects but it has some defects as well. No, just hang on, I love it, however, you should not overlook the flaws, even if they’re minor. It’s one of those lessons the story has to offer.

First, as I stated it was complicated and dramatic. Secondly, the characters acted unnaturally and obtusely. Thirdly, I don’t think it was an example of Umera Ahmed’s best bits of writing. Her style of writing is far better in Amarbail, Peer-e-Kamil plus a number of her other short stories. I can’t classify it as a good or a poor quality that every one of the characters and situations were representing various kinds of extremes while neglecting the grey regions.

I’m finding it rather difficult to review this book because I liked it despite the flaws and the things I enjoyed are rather hard to be put in to words. Also it’s about some very serious social difficulties, so I can’t describe it casually.

It’s a narrative of the curses of poverty and the path of sin it contributes to but in precisely the exact same time it’s also a portrayal of their strength of personality with which one can steer clear of this route to that of the innocence of soul.

The most conflicted character was Zainab, who had been at one time that the very obedient, loving and caring and religious daughter of a pious man who had stuck to Rizq-e-Halal regardless of the temptations of bribes he needed as a clerk at income tax division. Zainab has ever lived beneath the shelter of her father’s love and has been engaged to this man she adored. She adored Shiraz with such passion that she continued to dismiss the much obvious defects in his personality. He spoke ill of her dad and his”Rizq-e-Halal mania”, he accepted favors from her never reciprocated or bothered to discuss anything with her and unlike her, he was not in any way spiritual. Had she been any stranger or somewhat less blind in her love for him, it wouldn’t be tough to view his materialistic thinking. One more thing that I found incongruous was the freedom that Zainab and Shiraz enjoyed, which is not typical in Pakistani lower class and particularly spiritual families. So reluctantly, Shiraz abandons her in a most ignominious way. At one point, it’s been categorically declared that Zainab was not a fool, which is a totally false claim in my own opinion. She suffers from a great emotion upheaval and recognizing poverty has been the reason of her misery, she is trapped in a compulsive urge to earn as much money as she would and at the shortest time possible, so she could place herself in a position to avenge herself and to escape the very reason that has been the reason for her disgrace. Ironically, she chooses to disgrace herself further.Her story is the picturesque version of the famous expression:

Shiraz abandons Zainab to wed into a very rich family. The behavior of his family among their new relatives is thoroughly disgusting. What I fail to understand is how could Shiraz, that was supposedly a smart person, be blind to think that a wealthy and powerful man wanted so desperately for him to marry his daughter for no apparent reason. He even made a complete idiot of himself during the book and he never felt as miserable as someone ought to have felt in his circumstance. He practically gave away the control over his lifetime in exchange for money and social status, one of the terrifying consequences of having experienced extreme poverty and never wanting to leave space for any chance of returning to that life, if once escaped.

Karam Ali was by far the most daring of this lot however, the difference was that unlike Zainab and Shiraz, his ventures were mostly involuntary. He was the eldest among his siblings in a family that had practically no bread earner. So the duty of earning dropped upon his very youthful shoulders. His problem was that he was indeed very dutiful and protective of his loved ones. He took upon himself more than was his share of duty and believing that his loved ones peace of mind was also to be cared for, he opted to face every obstacle instead of sharing his troubles. Consequently, his family starts to deem him as the individual accountable for each of their wants and wants even after all his sisters are married and settled in their businesses. I believe it was in his character to become uncommunicative but he was great character. While Umera revealed that Zainab and Shiraz fell prey to the curse of”Rizq-e-Haram”, she claimed in the kind of Karam Ali it was not impossible to remain on the right path. Karam Ali was exceptionally bad and such as Shiraz, in addition, he shouldered the responsibility of earning livelihood for his loved ones and was in a much worse financial condition than Shiraz but unlike himhe never considered the prospect of doing this through illegal means.

The character of Zarri is a combination of ignorance, emotional weakness and a desire to escape the clutches of poverty, and which is not uncommon in most of the figures. To describe her in the best possible manner, I’d say she wanted to have her cake and eat it as well. She wanted to wed Jamal, who was an obviously unreliable, irresponsible and violent individual and at the same time she wanted to remain under the financial protector her husband had supplied. Along with the choice she eventually made left her unhappy, dishonored and a topic of violence.

Man o Salwa is a very rich narrative including life in the slums of Pakistan, the ruthlessness of Arabian Sheikhs, the unhappy and artificial lives of peoples whose needs take them away from their connections and the wretchedness of the people of film sector behind the facade of glamour. Their behaviours and activities will be sometimes outrageous, sometimes lame and ridiculous and sometimes too tender. It’s a story of people who attempt to escape poverty but that which it gets clear beyond doubt is that Rizq-e-Haram is not the way out. What you could get legally is your Man o Salwa for you and it is exactly what you should be thankful for and content with.
All in all, It was a memorable and hard-to-put-down book.

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