Jannat kay Pattay Novel By Nimra Ahmed Pdf

Jannat kay Pattay Novel

Jannat kay Pattay Novel By Nimra Ahmed

Nimra Ahmed authored Jannat kay Pattay Novel. Nimra Ahmed is a famous Pakistani Author. She is recognised for her fictional and romantic writing. Jannat kay Pattay is one of her most famous novels. Nimra Ahmed first began writing for Khwateen Digest. Most readers thought that Nimra Ahmed and Umera Ahmed are a sister. But it is not true.

In this novel, Nimra Ahmed has introduced multiple characters. The book is rushed with characters and their stories. Readers can get confused reading the Novel. But Nimra Ahmed did you very well to connect all the parts and all the characters at the and.

The tale of the novel revolves around the most prominent characters of the novel “Haya” and “Jahan“. There are two sides to the story. On the side of “Haya”, it is about going from being the modern liberal girl to become an Islamic Hijabi girl. On the other hand, Jahan is a spy. He is very patriotic and wants to serve the country.

Mr Suleman has two children; one of them is Rohail, who studied in the USA. And Haya is the sister of Rohail. European Union selected Haya for the scholarship to study in Turkey. The scholarship wasn’t that main reason why she went to Turkey. But she went for her soul mate, Jahan. While living in Turkey, she got caught in a problem that changed her life. Her Story is a journey of facing hardship and succeeding at the end.

While Jahan is the leading man of this novel Jannat kay Pattay PDF, Nimra Ahmed has portrait this character to be e loved by every reader. Jahan is a very intelligent, loving, caring, and smart intellectual. He has a role in helping Haya to get out of her problems. He was not a fan of Haya. But later, he liked her.

Khatijah Rana is another beautiful character of this book. She is the class fellow of Haya. She studied with her in Turkey and made a firm friendship Bond with Haya. Suddenly the death of Khatijah Rana made a massive impact on Haya’s life.

Now I don’t want to spoil all the novel. But believe me, this book will be worth reading. I would recommend this book to every girl who is struggling with life and wants to make a change.

here is one of the most famous quotes from Jannat kay pattay novel;

Acchi ladkiyan allah Tala Ki Baat Manati Hain;
Har Jagah Nahin Chali jaati,
Har ek se nahin mil lateen,
Wo har baat nahin kar lateen,

Hazrat Umar R.A

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Download Jannat k Pattay Pdf

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Jannat k Pattay Novel By Nimra Ahmed 

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