I Am The Walker By JM Robsom

This book blew me away. I was totally not ready for the psychotic rants. I’m amazed to see Robson’s writing style, she writes simple, kinda languid sentences and they sound so freakishly psychotic. How does she do that?

My thoughts are over the place with this book, and i have so much to say, but i simply can’t for I want this to be a spoiler free review. There were no fancy words or difficult vocabulary yet still the author managed to stun me with her sentences. They were simple and effective.

Her eyes were still openand I was beginning to find that I quite liked to know that I would be the last person my prey would see before they died. I was their last memory, me – boring, pathetic me.

Because we had history i did the decent thing and closed her eyes.

The plot revolves around a Billy guy, who’s abusive parents have turned him into a psychopath. He never received love from his home, which made him bottle up hi rage for the world around him. The twist at the end though? No one warned me about it! I read that about 3 times to get a grip of what exactly was happening, trying to reason with myself that no, i was not hallucinating and Robson had really, literary written what I was seeing.

There are a few books that keep you on the edge of your chair, anticipating what’s going to happen next, making you turn page after page. ‘I Am The Walker’ is one of those books.

Honestly, i didn’t expect this one to be this good, and it’s not. It’s amazing! I would recommend this book to anyone who loves psychological thrillers or are a fan of mystery and suspense, or simply love reading.

J M Robson is a fantastic writer, who knows how to portray the thoughts and feelings of her characters effectively to her readers. The landscapes of Scotland described throughout the book make a reader excited to know more about the place, hence she’s doing a favor to the tourism industry of Scotland too.

I insist y’all to buy it a.s.a.p, and i bet you won’t be able to put it down for a minute like me. Lastly, i would like to thank the author for sending me this. This doesn’t cloud my review or thoughts on this book.

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