Haalim Novel by Nimra Ahmed Complete Pdf Download

Haalim Novel by Nimra Ahmed

Haalim Novel by Nimra Ahmed Complete Pdf Download

Haalim novel is authored by Nimra Ahmed. She is a famous, skillful and renowned Urdu novelist from Pakistan. She has worldwide readership especially Pakistan and India. Due to the fact that the Urdu language is only used in India and Pakistan. Her most Famous novel is Jannat k Pattay.

Haalim is a long novel by Nimra Ahmed. Haalim is an Arabic word which means A Dreamer. The novel was first published in Khwateen Digest in the form of episodes. Haalim is a masterpiece by Nimra Ahmed. If you want to read Haalim Pdf, the download link is given below.

Download Haalim Pdf episode 1-18

Download Haalim Pdf episode 19-21

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