Gul e Rana novel by Samra Bukhari Pdf

Gul e Rana novel

Gul e Rana novel by Samra Bukhari Pdf Download

Gul e Rana novel is authored by Samra Bukhari. Samra Bukhari is a famous, skillful, and talented Urdu writer from Pakistan. Samra is also famous for her novel being adopted in Tv serials. The Gul e Rana novel is famous because it was adopted for a tv show and it was watched by millions.

Gul e Rana novel tale follows a girl. who is struggling to get her rights in society. Samra Bukhari tried to change the mentality of this society. If you want to read Gul e Rana novel Pdf, the download link is given below.

Download Gul e Rana Pdf

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