First Came Forever By Annie Woods Review

The book starts with an ‘Erica’ who’s not a normal teenager, or like most teenagers her age. She doesn’t like partying, instead enjoys museums and art and historical monuments. On her visit to a temple, she meets a handsome stranger, who quickly turns into the love of her life, and the problems begin.

What i liked most in the book was Tyler and Erica’s friendship. Although cocky, Tyler quickly became my fav character from the story. Certain aspects of the story i can relate to, like when Erica would be in Sasha’s arms, she would forget that there’s a world outside his arms too. Love was portrayed beautifully.

The plot was easy to follow, not too fast-paced. When the story started, my initial thought was ‘wait what is happening, that escalated super fast, hold on for me!’ But then gradually, slowly Annie made the story interesting and well written.

Let’s see what i didn’t like about the book;

Erica is so double-minded, and i felt it wasn’t her fault. It made me feel that the author actually forgot that her heroine was not supposed to ‘like’ the thing she claimed to ‘hate’ just a few pages back. That too, without any actual explanation, I remained confused throughout about what made her change her mind. Like, at page 6 she says, i can’t eat ice cream I’m lactose intolerant, i also don’tlike it, and at page 20, she’s there licking the crap out of the most ‘dairy’ ice cream you could find, with dialogues like, oh, this is what i live for. (Just an example) What ?!

Another thing is that Sasha wasn’t quite ‘open’ about his love for Erica. He was mentioned in the story rarely. Only when he was with Erica, mostly. Otherwise, the readers don’t get to know who Sasha actually is as a person or even an honest insight to his thoughts.

All in all, irate this book 3.5 stars. It’s a light story with doses of romance. If you’re a fan of romance and love clichès, then this is your next reading suggestion. Meanwhile, I’m gonna go and dive headfirst into FOREVER DISGUISED, the sequel to this book.

Also, I’d like to mention my thanks to the lovely author Annie Woods, who provided me with an e-copy of her book for an honest review.

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