Fallen Heir by Erin Watt Review

I know there have been mixed reviews on the Royals series, but I seem to love everything Erin Watt puts out. I came across Paper Princess by accident when I borrowed a Nook from my local library and they had the first two books in the Royals series on it. I took a chance by reading them, and I read both books in two days and I was sad to learn at the time that book three had yet to be released yet. I have since purchased all the books and I’m constantly coming back to reread this series, I don’t know why it took me so long to read Fallen Heir.

Reading Fallen Heir reminded me how much I love these characters and everything that happens with them, it was great to finally get to read from Easton’s POV, he see’s everything so differently than Ella and Reed, and I enjoyed getting his take on all of their lives.

There was great character development, especially in Easton, you can see him change throughout the book, I don’t think we’ve seen the whole scope of these changes because I don’t think he’s really realized it himself (and the last book isn’t out yet). Hartley was a very interesting introduction to the series, I wouldn’t have pictured someone like her with Easton, but she does seem to fit her well. Where he’s loud and likes to be the center of attention, and she is calm and quiet. I’m excited to see them grow together in the next book, I think he will bring her out of her shell, and she will be a calming presence in his life.

There were some minor issues I had with it, I would have preferred the other characters made a more of appearance (especially Reed) but I’m hoping that will change in the next book. The ending was unexpected and left me with a lot of questions, I need the next book soon, I will be getting it as soon as it comes out, I need to know what happens next with Easton and Hartley.

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