Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer Review

I found that I have different feelings about this book than I did the previous two, there were things that I wanted in the previous books that did happen in this book, but sadly the con’s out weight the pro’s for me. There ended up being things in this book that annoyed me and many of these things ended up hindering my enjoyment of this book, especially in contrast with the rest of the series.

Belle, of course, ended up being one of the things about this book that annoyed me, for many of the same things as before. I also have decided that I don’t really care if she ends up with Edward, I don’t necessarily ship her with either of them, but I have decided that she is too good for Jacob.

I’ve wanted more Edward in New Moon and I definitely got more of him in this book, but sadly I wasn’t much of a fan of him in this book, something about him was off to me in this book and I didn’t enjoy him as much. I also didn’t like how Jacob and Edward were always arguing and competing with each other, which constantly got on my nerves.

I did enjoy finally getting to see both the vampires and werewolves working together against one common enemy. Which means I finally got the confrontation with Victoria that I wanted in the New Moon, and it did not disappoint. I was more or less satisfied with the ending of this book, there, of course, some things that I wish were different, but I’m very curious to see what happens in the next book.

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