Darbar e Dil novel by Umera Ahmed Pdf

Darbar e Dil novel

Darbar e Dil novel by Umera Ahmed Pdf

Umera Ahmed has authored Darbar e Dil novel. Darbar e Dil novel is a masterpiece by Umera Ahmed. She is a famous writer from Sialkot Pakistan. She is mostly renowned for her Spiritual Urdu novel Peer E Kamil. Umera Ahmed started her career, from Khwateen Digest. She wrote many novels in that.

Darbar e Dil novel is a story of a girl who fasts in Ramadan, Prays five time a day, She doesn’t lie and consider love as a waste of time. And her friend always tries to change her view of the world. her life takes a turn when she gets associated with a boy unintentionally. Now i don’t want to spoil the novel. If you want to read Darbar e Dil novel Pdf, the download link is given below.

Download Darbar e Dil Pdf

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