Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge Review

I had some mixed reviews on this book, I was excited to read this because I adore Beauty and the Beast retellings and I read another one not to long ago (Hunted by Megan Spooner) and I enjoyed that one. This one I can tell it’s very close to the version that’s most well known but with it’s spin on it. The take on the retelling was very interesting and very different from others that I’ve seen.

I really enjoyed the demon lord “or gentle lord” aspect and how the female main character Nyx is meant to kill him. For me this book had some strong points and some weak points, and a few missed opportunities. The concept of this story is something I really enjoyed and how different it is, also I like Ignefix which I was surprised by. Sadly I wasn’t a fan Nyx, she bothered me and I feel like her conflicted feelings and indecision could be annoying at times, especially where her family was concerned. I feel she would hate them and then feel guilty and make excuses for how they treat her.

I’m not sure I liked Shade and I’m still not completely clear on the roll he played in this story. The love triangle I feel was a little unnecessary, I feel that the author could have accomplished the same thing with Shade as a friend and not through a romantic connection, it just felt a little out of place in a Beauty and the Beast retelling.

I was surprised somewhat by the ending, but to be honest, I’m not quite sure how it ended, it left me really confused. I’m still hoping to read more of Rosamund Hodge in the future and I hope I like them more.

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