Akhri Chattan novel By Naseem Hijazi Pdf

Akhri Chattan By Naseem Hijazi PDF

Akhri Chattan Novel By Naseem Hijazi PDF

“Tahir bin Yousaf”, is the major character in the story. He’s Arab ancestors. His father fought in crusades along with Sultan Salahudin Ayubi and eventually embraces martyrdom when laying siege on an enemy fort. Tahir is brought up by his grand father and finally follows in the footsteps of his dad. He reaches it’s capital”Bagdad”, and puts up a residence there in the elite location along the river of”Dagla”.

As a heritage he has the Sword of the Sultan, which was awarded to his dad for his courage and bravery in the battle.

To gain entrance into court and acquire a political position to do a little bit of service he has to navigate through cowards, assassins, conspiracies, corrupt courtiers, traitors, friends and enemies. His pursuit lands him in several conflict fields where he fights along with Jalal ud din, another Muslim general. At one stage he even has to fend off Tartars only handedly.His journey was a really interesting one. Naseem Hijazi has a particular way with words and he had been an expert on retelling historical accounts. Tahir can accomplish the conclusion of his journey which I deem a successful one with the help of a group of devoted and loyal friends. Although, they don’t get the final victory but the fight they put up was worth every obstacle. In the end these Arabs move to India (subcontinent) where they start preaching Islam. There’s a brief accounts if Sultan Ultimish too.

It is a very nicely written and addictive book. My cousin lent it from me on the night before Eid and maintained up all night to complete the book (He overlooked the Eid prayers, clearly ). It still hasn’t been returned to me, I figure till now it might have exchanged many hands because once you begin reading it, it isn’t easy to set down.

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