Aangan novel By Khadija Mastoor Pdf

Aangan novel By Khadija Mastoor Pdf

Aangan novel By Khadija Mastoor Pdf Download

Has to be the first classic that chugged with such energy. I could not stop reading it, or considering it when I was not reading it. The characters, their lives, the atmosphere, it all kept calling to me. Though the story plowed throughout the dullest part of their liberty, and you could practically feel the nature’s boredom with the stagnancy of the courtyard as the entire political uproar occurred, the story was this way of unfolding that kept me wanting for more, kept me wishing to view it through.
This book is about a family that got disrupted during the political unrest that began around the 1930s in British-ruled-Hindustan. The man cast of the personality had a different political view and agenda each. One believed in a two country’s concept, another just wanted to eliminate this British-Raj, then there was a character (female) who thought that keeping British rule was the best method of surviving. So all that differing opinions, all of that doubt, in a single household. That too, in the shadow of a long history of being elites then suddenly turning poor because of a recently failed liberty movement.

For Aaliya, the main top lady, it felt to me that this cramped up space didn’t allow her to believe her choices through. To truly understand where she stood at the greater image. What was it that she actually desired. That’s why she ended up the way she did. It was gruesome to read that conclusion.

I picked up this book since it’s started to get dramatized in Pakistan’s telly, just wanted to see if it was something I’m willing to be spent on sufficient to catch up weekly episodes, hadn’t realized that I’d fall so madly in love with those characters and narrative, though it covers such a little picture of this massive historic occasion. P.S, can’t wait to watch Ahad Raza Mir as Jameel now, as his personality is already so near my heart and I am currently in so much pain for him.

And if anybody is thinking why did I gave fewer stars when I adored this book this much, then the answer is that even though the name and synopsis suggested it already, once I began reading a pre-partition book, I was expecting the writer to allow me to view some teeny-tiny quantity of battle the men of the time did. In our nation, the literature appears to only concentrate on females. Additional aspects of the image always get dropped.

Nevertheless, a highly recommended book that would actually shed some light on this really interesting historical period and of a less talked about after-effect of the World War II. Still, I want to obtain some historical literature of pre-partition that would show me the struggles of the men of the time. What occurred in the roads? Why did those personalities keep seeing Patna or Delhi? What was happening there? From a fictional perspective. Any hints would be tremendously appreciated.

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