9th class Urdu Notes For FBISE

9th class Urdu Notes For FBISE PDF

9th class Urdu Notes For FBISE PDF

In Pakistan, we are so much focused on learning English and taking proud of it. Which is totally wrong, we forget that Urdu is our language and we should be proud of it. So when I was in 9th class. I was a poor student of Urdu. I was so much directed to English so that I cloud even got b grade in 9th class Urdu. I did not have any guides and notes to study Urdu. So that is why we decided to share 9th class Urdu notes Pdf.

Urdu is a very interesting Subject to learn and research. It has very diverse topics to study. Especially Urdu stories, Ghazals, Poetry. There are many topics covered like Life of the Holy Prophet, Stories of Mirza Ghalib. So overall it is a very attractive book to read.

9th class Urdu notes are available in Pdf format. We have shared notes for Hissa e Nasar. Hissa e Nazm is not included in these notes. Notes for every chapter are shared separately. So you can download notes of the desired chapter.

We at Booksrush try to find the best copies of notes to share with our visitors. We share these pdf copies for free and will be free forever a Booksrush.

We hope you get something to learn from these Notes. And they will help you with the Urdu exams. After all, give you good results. We wish you best of luck with you Urdu Paper and keep visiting Booksrush.

Download ہجرت نبوی صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم  1
Download مرزا غالب کے عادات و خصائل 2
Download شاعروں کے لطیفے 3
Download نصوح اور سلیم کی گفتگو 4
 Download پنچایت 5
Download آرام و سکون 6
Download لہو اور قالین 7
Download امتحان 8
Download ملکی پرندے اور دوسرے جانور 9
Download قدر ایاز 10


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