9th Class Physics Notes for FBISE PDF

9th Class Physics Notes

9th Class Physics Notes Pdf Download

For most people, Physics is not easy. And buying 9th Class Physics Notes can be costly. There a lot of notes seller in the market, But some of them are not good and some are very costly like Kips. That why we decided to share 9th class Physics notes.

When I was in 9th class, Physics was very difficult for my class fellows. But it was a piece of cake for me. Because I had great teachers in the academy. And when I got Physics notes from the teacher it was cherry on top. Those notes helped me achieve A+ in Physics.

So it is always good to have a set of good notes. Not only it will help you with all long and short question but also point out the most important questions.

9th class physics notes are available in Pdf Format. So you don’t need any special Software to open the notes. We have share notes for each chapter separately so you can download the chapter you want.

The notes include all long and short questions. It includes all the important long questions along with all numerical. In these notes, you will also get important MCQs.

Here is the list of notes of all chapters.

Unit 1 – Physical Quantities & Measurement

Topics in Unit 1:

  • What is Science
  • What is Physics 
  • Branches of Physics
  • Physical Quantities and there types
  • What are prefixes

Download Unit 1

Unit 2 – Kinematics

Topics in Unit 2:

  • Motion and its types
  • Scalars and vector
  • Equation of Motion

Download Unit 2

Unit 3 – Dynamics

Topics in Unit 3:

  • Newton’s first Law of motion
  • Newton’s second Law of motion
  • Newton’s third Law of motion

Download Unit 3

Unit 4 – Turning Effect of Forces

Topics in Unit 4:

  • Resultent force, head and tail rule for all addition of forces
  • Newton’s second Law of motion
  • Newton’s third Law of motion

Download Unit 4

Unit 5 – Gravitation

Topics in Unit 5:

  • Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation
  • Gravitational Field
  • Artifical Satellite

Download Unit 5

Unit 6 – Work and Energy

Topics in Unit 6:

  • Kinectic Energy
  • Different form of energy
  • Source if energy

Download Unit 6

Unit 7 – Properties of Matter

Topics in Unit 7:

  • Define Pressure
  • Hydraulic Pressure
  • What is Up thrust

Download Unit 7

Unit 8 – Thermal Properties of Matter

Topics in Unit 8:

  • What is thermometre
  • Specific Heat Capacity 

Download Unit 8

Unit 9 – Transfer of Heat

Topics in Unit 9:

  • Rate of flow of heat
  • Conductors and Non conductors

Download Unit 9

Thanks for reading this post. Notes courtesy Ratta.pk

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