9th class Math Notes for FBISE Pdf

9th class Math Notes

9th Class Math Notes for FBISE Pdf

Math is not the kind of subject that can be learned without a teacher or mentor. That’s why we join Math classes to the solution of questions. But sometimes we don’t have the reach to a teacher. that where these notes come in. Here at books rush we decided to share Class 9th Math Notes for FBISE.

These math notes are very easy to understand. And the Image quality is also very good.

These notes include notes for all the chapters. They are very well written in the shape of a book. After downloading these notes you will never need other notes from different websites.

9th class math notes can be very difficult to find. And even more difficult when there are a lot of websites. And it is difficult to choose the best notes from all of them. Guess what, We will be sharing the best notes from 9th class math. They are composed of the most authentic author in math in Pakistan.

These notes have all of the 17 chapters. The notes are available in the form of a book and you can download it in Pdf format.

Unit 1 – Matrices & Determinants

Topics in Unit 1:

  • Matrix
  • Types of Matrices
  • Multiplicative Inverse of a Matrix
  • Multiplication of Matrices
  • Addition and Subtraction of Matrices

Download Unit 1


Topics in Unit 2:

  • Real Numbers
  • Radicals and Radicands
  • Complex Numbers
  • Properties of Real Numbers
  • Laws of Exponents and Indices

Download Unit 2

Unit 3 – Logarithms

Topics in Unit 3:

  • Scientific Notation
  • Logarithm
  • Laws of Logarithm
  • Application of Laws of Logarithm in Calculations

Download Unit 3

Unit 4 – Algebraic Expressions/Formulas

Topics in Unit 4:

  • Algebraic Expressions
  • Rationalization of Surds
  • Surds and their Application
  • Algebraic Formula

Download Unit 4

Unit 5 – Factorization

Topics in Unit 5:

  • Factorization 
  • Factorization of a Cubic Polynomial
  • Remainder Theorem 
  • Factor Theorem 

Download Unit 5

Unit 6 – Algebraic Manipulation

Topics in Unit 6:

  • Highest Common Factor 
  • Basic Operations
  • Square Root of Algebraic Expression
  • Least Common Factor

Download Unit 6

Unit 7 – Linear Equations and Inequalities

Topics in Unit 7:

  • Linear Equations
  • Linear Inequalities
  • Equations Involving Absolute Value
  • Resolving Linear Inequalities

Download Unit 7

Unit 8 – Linear Equations and Inequalities

Topics in Unit 8:

  • Cartesian Plane 
  • Conversion Graphs
  • Linear Graphs
  • Graphically Solving 2 Variable Linear

Download Unit 8

Unit 9 – Introduction to Coordinate Geometry

Topics in Unit 9:

  • Distance Formulas
  • Mid-Point Formulas
  • Collinear Points

Download Unit 9

Unit 10 – Congruent Triangles

Topics in Unit 10:

  • Geometry
  • Angles
  • Shapes and Marking

Download Unit 10

Unit 11 – Parallelograms and Triangles

Topics in Unit 11:

  • Areas of Parallelograms
  • Areas of Triangles
  • Properties of a Parallelogram

Download Unit 11

Unit 12 – Line Bisectors and Angles Bisectors

Topics in Unit 12:

  • Geomatric cunstruction of angles
  • Line Bisectors
  • Angles Bisectors

Download Unit 12

Unit 13 – Sides and Angles of a Triangle

Topics in Unit 13:

  • Sides and Angles
  • Measurement of angles

Download Unit 13

Unit 14 – Ratio and Proportion

Topics in Unit 14:

  • Comparing ratios
  • Proportion
  • Rate

Download Unit 14

Unit 14 – Ratio and Proportion

Topics in Unit 14:

  • Comparing ratios
  • Proportion
  • Rate

Download Unit 14

Unit 15 – Pythagoras Theorem

Topics in Unit 15:

  • Pythagoras Theorem
  • Pythagorean Theorem Formula
  • Pythagoras Theorem defination

Download Unit 15

Unit 16 – Theorems Related with Area

Download Unit 16

Unit 17 – Theorems Related with Area

Download Unit 17

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