9th Class Computer Science Notes FBISE

Class 9th computer science notes

9th Class Computer Science Notes FBISE Pdf Download

Computer science is not a complex subject. Infect for some people it is a piece of cake. Nowadays everybody has some kind of experience with the computer. So it helps in computer science. But some chapters of 9th class computer science are difficult. So we need some guidance either from our teachers or from any kind of notes. That why we decided to share 9th class computer science notes to download in pdf format.

When I was in the 9th class computer was a piece of cake for me. But I did not score A+ marks. The question is why I was not able to score A+ in Computer science. Because I did not have the luxury of academy or Notes. I did not know the structure of the paper. That why you need good Computer science notes to help you with paper structure and important short and long questions.

These notes include Important short and long questions. Computer science notes are structured very well. So you don’t need any special guidance for the notes. MCQs are also included.

We have shared the download link of all chapters separately. So you can download the chapters you want. The notes are available in PDF format so you can use them of any kind of devices.

Unit 1 – Fundamentals of Computer 

Topics in Unit 1:

  • Introduction to Computer 
  • History of Computer
  • Getting started with Computer
  • Classification of Computer

Download Unit 1

Unit 2 – Fundamentals of Operating System

Topics in Unit 2:

  • Introduction to Operating System
  • Types of Operating System
  • Installation of Operating system
  • Virus and Antivirus

Download Unit 2

Unit 3 – Office Automation

Topics in Unit 3:

  • Office Automation System
  • Advantages Office Automation System
  • installation of office automation software
  • Using of Office Automation System

Download Unit 3

Unit 4 – Data Communication

Topics in Unit 4:

  • Define data communication
  • Types of transmission media
  • Data transmission terminologies

Download Unit 4

Unit 5 – Data Communication

Topics in Unit 5:

  • Introduction to computer network
  • Define data transmission
  • Communication on Computer Network
  • Comparison data communication lines

Download Unit 5

Unit 6 – Computer Security and Ethics

Topics in Unit 6:

  • Define cybercrime
  • Multimodal authentication
  • Computer viruses

Download Unit 6

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