9th Class Biology Notes of all Chapter PDF

9th Class Biology Notes

9th Class Biology Notes of all Chapter Pdf FBISE

If you look at the most difficult subject in 9th class. Chemistry, Math, and physics may come in your mind. But for most people Biology is the most complexed subject. Biology is not an easy to learn subject, especially in the first year. When I was in 9th class, I struggled with biology and I am sure some of you also struggle with it. that why we at Booksrush decided to share 9th Class Biology Notes of all chapter in Pdf format.

9th chapters are included in these notes. All short and long questions are mentioned with there chapters respectively. All the topics are well explained. So you need any special guide for these biology notes.

These 9th class Biology notes cover all important short questions. Those question will help you with your exams. And at the of the day will give you good results. MCQs are also included in these notes.

We have shared notes of all chapters separately. so you can download the chapter you want. without messing around with all other chapters.

You can download these notes in Pdf format. So you can open it on any device like a Pc or mobile. And you don’t need any special application.

Unit 1 – Introduction to Biology

Topics in Unit 1:

  • What is Biology
  • Intoduction to Biology
  • Branches of Biology
  • Applications of Bio

Download Unit 1

Unit 2 – Biological Problem 

Topics in Unit 2:

  • Solving a Biological Problem
  • Human Body
  • Biological method

Download Unit 2

Unit 3 – Biodiversity

Topics in Unit 3:

  • What is Biodiversity
  • Define Species
  • Deforestation Causes

Download Unit 3

Unit 4 – Cells and Tissues

Topics in Unit 4:

  • Cells and Tissues Explaination
  • Diagrams 
  • Defination of all kind of Tissues

Download Unit 4

Unit 5 – Cell Cycle

Topics in Unit 5:

  • Defination and explaination of Reproduction
  • Interphase 
  • Significance of Mitosis

Download Unit 5

Unit 6 – Enzymes

Topics in Unit 6:

  • Factors that affect the rate of enzyme action?
  • Co-enzymes
  • Prosthetic groups

Download Unit 6

Unit 7 – Bioenergentics

Topics in Unit 7:

  • The mechanism of photosynthesis
  • Energy of living Organisms 
  • What is ADP

Download Unit 7

Unit 8 – Nutrition

Topics in Unit 8:

  • Define Nutrition and Nutrients
  • Vitamins 
  • Types of Vitamans 

Download Unit 8

Unit 9 – Transport

Topics in Unit 9:

  • Transport in Living Oraganisms
  • Transport in Food
  • Type of blood cells

Download Unit 9

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