26a by Diana Evans Review

I’ve been immersed in this book by Diana Evans, which is penned in third person’s perspective. The book is divided into four parts namely the first bit, the second bit, the third bit and the best bit. Here’s a brief review.

Mono zygotic twins Georgia and Bessi along with their younger sister Kemy, older sister Bel and a pair of parents reside in a loft on 26 Waifer Avenue, London which also provides the name for Evans’s debut novel.

“Don’t you ever get the feeling that life is too small?” Bessi said. “Like, there are parts of you in different places, and you have to go and find them.”
Georgia didn’t reply.
“That’s what I’ve been thinking lately anyway, I’ve to go away, and soon, to see stuff.”
“What stuff? Where?”
Bessi’s voice sounded underwater.

This book explores the Neasden childhood with the loss of innocence and mental disintegration. The girls’ father Aubrey demands pudding every night after devouring his dinner, while his Nigerian wife Ida is caught sprinkling cayenne pepper on her Yorkshire pudding which often causes Bessi and Georgia to debate over whether their parents should file a divorce or not.


As the twins age, they harbour a desire to live as a whole, singular person, rather than just a twin, which eventually leads to the events happening in the book.

The magical bond of twins is inked remarkably. Like Paulho Coelho, there was a lot of matter and very little actual dialogues. However, the lack of dialogue between the characters may get to you sometimes.

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